Monday, April 23, 2012

gold: at end of the rainbow

 Whenever I go to LA, I always stop and admire the steet art. Something I never did when I lived there. And this weekend I happen to pass by this beautiful piece by Lister, double rainbow eyes. I love the colors and the fact that its a rainbow (obvi), amazing! It was the perfect backdrop for my heavy metal accessories: my headpiece, neck plate, and rose gold and gold bracelets/watch. You already know I LOVE snake print and gold, so I had to pair my new top with all gold. I'm kind of obsessed with head pieces too lol.  And to top it off a pop of turquoise from my new pair of wedges. Love. I've been super stressed out and busy with school which is why I'm so lagging in posts :( But, less than a month of school and I'm free!! YAY! Hope you are all lovely!

I was wearing:
Top from Q boutique
Forever 21 acid wash shorts
Wet Seal wedges
Forever 21 neckplate and head piece
H&M bracelets


  1. I just love your bright blue sandals. So cute :)

  2. cute pictures. love the top ~ It was definitely a beautiful weekend in LA last week ;) hopefully the coming one will be too xxx

    1. Thanks! Yea, hopefully cuz its gloomy again!

  3. Cute Pictures! You look so flawless! I need to take a picture by that rainbow! Where in LA is it?

    1. Thanks Carmen! Its on Mateo St and 7th :)


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