Wednesday, November 30, 2011

all I want for Christmas....

 is all of you. I am always drawn to bags and shoes. More than anything. I'd rather have a bag over any other clothes or accessories because in my opinion, the bag and shoes completes the outfit. Of course so does jewelery but sometimes I get lazy to put on all the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  More so because all my jewelry is strewn about in drawers, boxes, and jewelry stands. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? I just need to visualize them in front of my eyes otherwise I forget about them. I was shopping for my mummy's birthday gift the other day and I saw these beautiful YELLOW Chanel bags. I have many Chanel bags but not in YELLOW. I love yellow, the color is so rich, classic, and fun at the same time. The one above is the hobo bag style. I am kind of nervous about un-structured bags as all my bags are boxy and structured (classic flaps and totes). Here are a few of my favorite bags of the moment. 
 I am more drawn to this bag, since the shape resembles the classic flap rectangular frame but without the flap.
 Aren't these shoes just adorable? Classic flats in soft fabric with crystal embellished double C's
 I also saw this Alexander Wang Rocco duffle, I know it is old but it seems so appropriate for casual every day looks. I also saw this in a mustard yellow color. I almost bought one.

 PS11 classic bag. Again the boxy rectangle structure. Perfect with the straps and studs and silver hardware.

Marc by Marc Jacobs resort collection, Turnlock Shine, PYTHON embossed messenger bag. This cutie reminds me of the PS1 bag but more innocent with its neon lime green color. LOVE IT!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bob's Memphis Trip bag. A classic silhouette with fun and bright color blocking. Also available in other colors such as pink and orange!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Just when I think its finally fall weather...its 80 degrees this whole week, happens all the time :) This mushroom bag got delivered to my door just as I was about to leave. The Proenza Schouler PS1 medium bag that I have been lusting over since last year. It was on my wish list here
I love all the colors and even the PS11 classsic bag as well. I love boxy and structured bags! Which bags do you prefer, structured or un-structured bags?


 I was wearing:
vince white t-shirt
forever 21 faux fur vest
forever 21 shorts
forever 21 booties
forever 21 jewelry
Proenza Schouler PS1 medium bag

baa, baa

 I'm a grey lamb. Wearing some of my Black Friday finds that I did not have to wait in line for :) This grey Mongolian lamb fur vest and black J Brand skinnies! Also, I forgot to mention my Versace for H&M booties which I found on Monday (last week) IN the store, which I will dedicate a long over-due separate post for very soon!
Happy Cyber Monday!

 Pink Tartan Mongolian Lamb fur vest
J Brand Skinny jeans
Versace x H&M booties

Sunday, November 27, 2011

hair cut

It was about time. My hair was getting way too long, heavy, and split end-y. I actually cut it myself and it was pretty fun! I've seen my stylist cut it many many times over the years and I just copied what she did, hehe. But I did get a little carried away, I kept cutting and cutting until I noticed I cut more than I wanted to. Oops. In this picture it looks shorter because I curled it. I love long hair because you can do so much with it and when you're lazy you can just put it up in a bun or ponytail. Which do you prefer? long or short?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

baby, it's cold outside

 Its starting to get super chilly here in SD, especially at night time. I find myself wanting to wear more hats and scarves, the perfect fall/winter accessory. I love hats! Now that my room is getting to be a bit more organized and less like an episode of hoarders ( behind me is my organized mess, all made possible by IKEA. note: blue and red organizing bins are less revealing than the purple transparent ones!) I have access to more things that were once "lost". This is what I wore a few days ago before the Thanksgiving festivities. What are your favorite winter accessories?

I was wearing:
Burberry beret
forever 21 coat
yes style funnel scarf
Neiman Marcus cashmere sweater
charlotte russe strappy boots
chanel bag

Friday, November 25, 2011


 Happy Black Friday, peoples! Did you guys score on some super deals or what? I can never wait in line for those things. First of all, I'm impatient, and I hate being cold. Second of all, I can't stand the crowds and lines. Thirdly, I don't need anything THAT badly where I have to camp outside since MONDAY for a freakin TV. YES, some people did that...smh. But later today I'll be going out for some casual family shopping time, just to get out and spend time together. We shall see how that goes. :) Now on to more important things, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was super, here is a breakdown, mostly of food (duh) in pictures. 
 All my family, cousins, nieces, uncles and aunts come over to my house every year. My mommy loves to tell stories and show off her latest finds, since she always buys the latest home appliance or newest health food things. Here is my cute mommy showing off her latest find. A vacuum. Yes, a vacuum called "rainbow" or something. Whats more funny is that my cousins and uncles were really interested, asking questions and such. LOL, I just had to take a picture.
I helped set the table! Now is it me, or does every single Korean family have this dining plate/bowl/ serving set? I forget what its called but its made in Britain or something. The plates with the leaf detail around the edges with floral and butterfly design in the center?? I swear they do, and my mom has every single piece, including what looks like a wasabi/soysauce little dish. When my mom likes something she gets obsessed, which is where I get my hoarding tendencies...

 Now the food! I prepared the salad. Okay, it came in a bag but I put it in this bowl and made it pretty :)

 the bird. My mom cooks the turkey everytime. And although it never comes out like how it looks in those Martha Stewart food magazines, all perfect and golden, its always juicy and delicious :) This time she decided not to tie it up, which explains its disheveled appearance. hehe
 Honey glazed ham. Yummy in all its salty, sweet, and smoky goodness.
 Our spread. We always have: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, stuffing, and salad!
 My plate. The turkey is under there.
 Piglet jr. my niece. So tired and hungry as 4pm would be her nap time. Poor piglet lol.
 Eating the dinner roll while my uncle is praying.
Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


For as long as I can remember Thanksgiving was and is one of my favorite holidays!!!  I can't wait to eat turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie! And then just veg out and spend quality time with family. Of course its not all about food, its about giving thanks! I'm so thankful for my life, family, and friends! Thankful and blessed. Have a happy thanksgiving with your loved ones!!

Hello Kitty Happiness

Wearing my Hello Kitty x Forever 21 dress that I showed on the previous post! I paired it with Black tights and wedges and pink beret and bag. It just makes me so happy!

 I was wearing:
Hello Kitty x Forever 21 dress
Hello Kitty x Forever 21 ring
Laundry Skirt coat
Sam Edelman Quinn Wedges
Lola Beret
Luella bag

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CUTENESS overload

 Two of my favorite things ever: Hello Kitty and Forever 21. So when they did a collab I was super excited. I've always seen their graphic T's and other simple tops but not sweaters and dresses like these! I am so mad at myself because when I was buying these online, I had my cart full and then alluva sudden it went empty and I had to RE-add all my items (in a mad woman rush) and I forgot the brown bow tie blouse with all over HK print! And of course it was sold out in a minute :( Oh well, I'm over it because I still got these other supercute things! You can still find some things on

 Cutest dress/tunic ever with a round collar print!

Long line cardigan (wrinkled)
 the back!
 tights! with HK prints at ankle or feet (depending on how you wear it)
 Who can resist this face?
 Silhouette necklace
HK bow hair clip
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