Tuesday, November 15, 2011

inspiration from mum

 mummy's st. john suit with crystal buttons and trims

 mummy's blue jeans birkin

 mummy's mini chandelier above her bed
 mummy's cute rosette lamp
 My greatest inspiration comes from my mummy who has influenced my sense of style since I was a child. I remember walking in her heels around the house and playing dress up, just as piglet jr. does with my shoes and clothes. hehe. But her closet trumps my closet by about 100 times... Everything in her room screams classic and baroque with a fun girly twist.  Who is your greatest inspiration?



  1. Do you get to borrow her Birkin? :P

  2. I haven't asked her yet but one day I will! For now I will enjoy my tan birkin.. :p

  3. your mom is totally fabulous. can only hope to have that birkin bag one day! like mother like daughter.


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