Sunday, November 27, 2011

hair cut

It was about time. My hair was getting way too long, heavy, and split end-y. I actually cut it myself and it was pretty fun! I've seen my stylist cut it many many times over the years and I just copied what she did, hehe. But I did get a little carried away, I kept cutting and cutting until I noticed I cut more than I wanted to. Oops. In this picture it looks shorter because I curled it. I love long hair because you can do so much with it and when you're lazy you can just put it up in a bun or ponytail. Which do you prefer? long or short?


  1. Looks great dear. Thanks for your comment on my blog, hope you´ve liked it!


  2. You're a darling, thank you for your sweet note! Your hair cut looks fabulous! I can't believe you did it yourself! You look beautiful! You have a new fan now :)
    Good luck!

  3. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I usually cut mine myself also, copying the hair stylist all the way! :) As for long or short, I prefer medium length - right at my shoulders!

    Love your blog!

    chloe **

  4. ouuufff i am insanely jealous of your hair!! so much volume!!! i also love your red coat in your precvious post. yummmm

    now follwing =)

  5. love your haircut! following :) followback?

  6. Oh my gosh it looks amazing!!! Wish I could get my hair to do that!!!

  7. nice top ! love the colors :D

    follow you back !

  8. Firstly I adore your blog header!! The most amazing shoe collection any girl could dream of! Secondly I love how your hair falls into gorgeous curls!

    Thankyou for commenting on my blog! I am now a follower and have added your link to my blog list!

    Have a nice day :)


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