Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CUTENESS overload

 Two of my favorite things ever: Hello Kitty and Forever 21. So when they did a collab I was super excited. I've always seen their graphic T's and other simple tops but not sweaters and dresses like these! I am so mad at myself because when I was buying these online, I had my cart full and then alluva sudden it went empty and I had to RE-add all my items (in a mad woman rush) and I forgot the brown bow tie blouse with all over HK print! And of course it was sold out in a minute :( Oh well, I'm over it because I still got these other supercute things! You can still find some things on www.forever21.com

 Cutest dress/tunic ever with a round collar print!

Long line cardigan (wrinkled)
 the back!
 tights! with HK prints at ankle or feet (depending on how you wear it)
 Who can resist this face?
 Silhouette necklace
HK bow hair clip


  1. is this collab still going on? i'm a huge fan of collabs, and i would totally get these. i am especially loving the cardigan and the ring. great haul... :)

    have a great thanksgiving! :)


  2. YES it is! go on forever21.com! There are a few other tops and another red cardigan still available along with some other accessories. Thanks :)

    have a great Thanksgiving as well!

  3. OMG def. cuteness overload. I LOVE the ring! You are right, who can resist that cute face!

  4. SO cute! I love love love Hello Kitty. How could someone not? ;)

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries


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