Wednesday, November 30, 2011

all I want for Christmas....

 is all of you. I am always drawn to bags and shoes. More than anything. I'd rather have a bag over any other clothes or accessories because in my opinion, the bag and shoes completes the outfit. Of course so does jewelery but sometimes I get lazy to put on all the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  More so because all my jewelry is strewn about in drawers, boxes, and jewelry stands. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? I just need to visualize them in front of my eyes otherwise I forget about them. I was shopping for my mummy's birthday gift the other day and I saw these beautiful YELLOW Chanel bags. I have many Chanel bags but not in YELLOW. I love yellow, the color is so rich, classic, and fun at the same time. The one above is the hobo bag style. I am kind of nervous about un-structured bags as all my bags are boxy and structured (classic flaps and totes). Here are a few of my favorite bags of the moment. 
 I am more drawn to this bag, since the shape resembles the classic flap rectangular frame but without the flap.
 Aren't these shoes just adorable? Classic flats in soft fabric with crystal embellished double C's
 I also saw this Alexander Wang Rocco duffle, I know it is old but it seems so appropriate for casual every day looks. I also saw this in a mustard yellow color. I almost bought one.

 PS11 classic bag. Again the boxy rectangle structure. Perfect with the straps and studs and silver hardware.

Marc by Marc Jacobs resort collection, Turnlock Shine, PYTHON embossed messenger bag. This cutie reminds me of the PS1 bag but more innocent with its neon lime green color. LOVE IT!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bob's Memphis Trip bag. A classic silhouette with fun and bright color blocking. Also available in other colors such as pink and orange!


  1. The green-blue bag looks adorable ! Nice choices ! xoxo

  2. Wow!!.. I love your blog!!..It-s amazing, simply perfect :)!..One of my favourite...:)!!
    I'm your follower...I hope you'll do the same..Visit my blog if you want and tell me what you think about the last outfit, I'm waiting for your comment..It would be important for me :)!

  3. love the neon one of marc jacobs!!! love your blog!! following you now!!!

  4. you have an impecable taste for bags, i loved them all! especially the chanel one ;)
    i really liked your blog, would you like us to follow each other?

  5. love the first chanel and the rocco duffle!

  6. Beautiful yellow bag! I want it too!!

  7. So cute! I love everything in this post ♥

    Xo, Imke

  8. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is awesome..

  9. love Marc!!!

    new post on my blog: I'm waiting for your comment!!

  10. Hope you get that yellow Chanel in you Christmas stocking! It's gorgeous! Also love that lime green Marc Jacobs!xx

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  12. I like the 2nd Chanel a lot more too! I don't think I could ever imagine Chanel as casual. They exude luxury.

  13. I have that alexander wang bag! ;p


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