Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 Uhm, I'm supposed to be studying but I'm burnt out and need  a break. So I will blog about something that makes me happy. food :) Went to Tajima the other day for some spicy ramen and yakisoba omelet. We also ordered Agedashi tofu and baked mussels. I love agedashi tofu, its so soft, warm, and perfect.
 the baked mussels were not so good. It was really boring and not enough flavor for me...
 spicy ramen is always good. I love the pork and egg with the soft gooey yolk.
yakisoba omelet. I've heard so much about this from my friend and I finally got to try it. It is pretty delightful I must say. Yakisoba with slices of pork belly, wrapped in a little omelet package topped with some sweet sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes. Yummy, the only downside was that there was not enough pork belly. oink oink. K back to stuDYING!

4681 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA

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  1. there's so many things i love about your blog! first of all, i love seeing photos of food - everything looks absolutely delish, and i am drooling! and i also love the name of your blog... just so catchy and cute. great blog, so i am following!



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