Thursday, January 27, 2011


 I got to go to the Bazaar tonight and it was a pretty awesome experience. It's sort of a preview since I'm coming back for my birthday ^_^ 
Jose Andres is amazing and forward thinking, his dishes are artistic and embrace molecular gastronomy. Phillippe Starck did a fabulous job with the interior design, definitely a lot to stare at!
We got to sit in the rojo room which was pretty dark (not pictured: japanese tacos & apple fennel salad) There's much better pics of the dessert part! Can't wait to come back in 9 days!

  Sweet potato chips with yogurt, tamarind, and star anise dipping sauce
 modern olives- a must try if you like olives.
 American caviar cone- YUM
 Philly cheesesteak- air bread, melted cheddar, wagyu beef= super delish!
 Sea urchin pipirrana- I could do without the pipirrana, the veggies were too salty
 Tortilla de patatas "new way"- egg 63!!! loved this
 cotton candy foie gras- fun way to eat it

 Jicama wrapped guacamole~ tasty and so genius

 NUMMY~ one bites
patisserie- dessert bar

 super cuteness

 Chanel earrings, bag, belt, Adia Kibur necklace, H&M sweater, Pleasure doing Business skirt, Christian Louboutin Pumps
 close up of my new belt! Purple patent leather skinny belt!!

 jasmine tea
green tea cookies and passion fruit jewel
 red velvet cupcake- of course I had to get this.
 pretty bathroom

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  1. great pictures!
    love your necklace and your belt =)


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