Friday, January 21, 2011

thank you

 This week I received The Stylish Blogger Award from Dora @ A Drop of Indigo
Thank You! This is very sweet and means a lot to me. So as the receiver of this award I must say 7 things about myself that people may not know about me (or probably do) ^_^

1) My favorite thing to wear is dresses/skirts rather than jeans/pants. I will only wear jeans during fall and winter when it is cold.
2) I LOVE to watch scary/gory/horror movies of all kinds, my favorite gory movie is the SAW series, minus the last few...I also like to watch shows like forensic files, investigation discovery, 1000 ways to die, etc.
3) I will wear shoes even though they are extremely painful (example: Louboutins, flats)
4) I have to eat junk food everyday, my favorite is exxtra flaming hot cheetos and chocolate (no dark)
5) I dont drink regular soda, only diet. 
6) I collect cute pigs because I love them and I am the year of the pig (boar) 
7) I enjoy spending time alone :)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulation.. You deserve it.. =)


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