Thursday, January 27, 2011


 (H&M top and braided bracelets, Burberry spiked cuff, BCBG shoes, random bell bottoms, f21 clutch)


I went into H&M this weekend and found this mint cropped peasant top with the perfect flowing sleeves. It's super cute with the eyelet details and embroidered trim. LOVE tops like this. I think I have about 20 of this style in white and/or cream but none in this color. Also got a cute cropped sweater in this same color which I will wear as soon as the weather hits below 75 degrees ^_^ To go with the theme of my mint julep hippie look, I brought out my green faux croc clutch with gold hardware and light wash flared jeans!


  1. Hi!!

    Well, I apologize if you have already received this, but I love your blog, so I am passing this award on to you!!

    See my post:

    Keep it up! And I am following!

    B :0 )

  2. lovely outfit! the clutch is so beautiful!! =)


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