Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Versace X H&M

 Yea, I know, I'm like 3 weeks late. But here it is finally. The shoes I got from the Versace x H&M collab that I wore in previous post here. From the collection, the only thing I really wanted was the yellow studded dress and the leather studded dress, both of which I knew would be sold out immediately. So I decided not to wait in line like those other crazy people who waited in line since 8 pm the night before! It was not worth it for me. And I watched as ebay got saturated with the items. So, I was at the mall on the following Monday and these shoes are just sitting there in front of me and I look inside and it's my size. This always happens to me, like how the Lanvin x H&M faux fur coat just landed in my lap. hehe! The heel is really high and there's no platform, so its kind of hard to walk in, but I love the suede/ patent leather contrast. I also love the box and dust bag!! So... that is all for this post! :)


  1. OMG you are so lucky, I'm shocked they were still there and they will be SO hot on you. So glad you got them and didn't have to wait in line too hehe. I think that was one of the hottest items there.

  2. the shoes r awesome, but i hated the collection , they looked too cheap to carry the versace tag right?

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaah totally awesome! I still need to check out the collection!

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  4. Lovely boots!



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