Thursday, December 8, 2011

jingle bling part 2

 Another variation of my Jingle bling reverse french nails from this previous post: click me! This time I used a rich teal color and gold + gold glitter. Here are the easy steps in getting your own jingle bling nails! (what I did and used)
1) paint a base clear coat ( I used Nicole- base coat)
2) once that dries, use either tape guides or scotch tape (ghetto, but it works!) cut in curved strips and place them at the desired area near cuticles like so:
3) then paint desired color ( I used love & beauty in teal) on rest of nails ( 2-3 coats)
4) Then once the nail polish is completely dry, carefully peel off the tape and you are left with the half moon shape! voila!

5) then, the hardest part, carefully paint in the half moon part with different desired color ( I used OPI- " I get a kick out of gold" and LA girl- gold glitter polish).
6) finish off with top coat and there you have it!



  1. I love this reverse manicure! Your selection of colors are so festive and appropriate for the holidays! Really cute! :)

  2. Very festive and cute! :)
    May x


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