Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GUCCI turban

 (Gucci Head band scarf, Gucci trench coat, Cynthia Steffe dress, Camilla Skovgaard saddle booties, Burberry bag, F21 ring and bracelet)


I decided to get creative and turn my Gucci head scarf into a turban. I tied a knot and then just tucked in the ends and voila~! hehe. I would love to wear those full head turbans but I think my head is too big, for now I will stick to the headbands...


  1. omg. love what you did to your hair! looks complicated! love it!

    following your blog ;)

    ninin of the the two miss fits

  2. Great outfit :).. I love your hair.Can you do a hair tutorial! :P

  3. thanks! My hair is actually really easy, only looks complicated. I will do a tutorial soon for sure! :)

  4. Where did you get the headband from


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