Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hot pink + hearts

As a little girl I would love to wear dresses with white tights that had pink or red hearts on them. Here is my grown up version of them! To top it off I chose to wear my hot pink pumps and pink Chanel bag, my very first Chanel bag EVER! I love this faux leather dress because the cut is so girly yet its made from black leather. The perfect girly/edgy combo. It's still pretty freezing here, around 66 degrees hehe! So I could not take off my jacket again because I thought I would freeze. I am not looking forward to going back to school on Monday :( So I will have to enjoy these last few days of freedom. Happy Wednesday lovelies!!



I was wearing:
Forever 21 jacket
H&M dress
Forever 21 tights
Marc Jacobs pumps
Chanel bag
Chanel sunglasses
Chanel earrings
Hermes H cuff + forever 21 bracelets
Forever 21 necklaces
Hello Kitty ring


  1. OMG, you're so right that is such a girly dress. I almost bought that at H&M and now I really wish I would have :) You look so pretty and I love how you put your hair up in the cute bun. You have such great style and the heart tights are adorable.


  2. SO cute! Love that skirt and the black & white looks great with the pink. Following now :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. very nice photos!!!

  4. lovely look!

  5. u look stunning!!

  6. this outfit is just wonderful. I love your jacket, your jewelry, and your hair! you look great!

  7. Your outfit is pretty cool, you look so cute

  8. Beautiful! Love the jacket and couldnt believe it was from Forever 21. Would had guessed Chanel ;)


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