Tuesday, December 21, 2010

36 hours: whirlwind vegas trip in pictures

 7 am departure; cold and rainy.
 snacks to keep me company: melon pan and cheese cake! hello kitty pjs.
 yay, it stopped raining.

 ( F21 hat and boots, Andrew Marc Leopard fur coat, velvet tee, vintage levis cutoffs, Louis Vuitton Alma Miroir GM bag)

First stop: shopping!

 (Gucci Dress, Jessica Simpson shoes, Chanel Earrings)

After no sleep the previous night, we got in a good nap of about a whopping 2 hours. Who sleeps in Vegas, right? I literally had 20 minutes to get ready before dinner and a show. I didn't have time to shorten/hem my dress either. I just tucked it under, lol. Later, as I was walking the hemline slowly fell. haha. Also I'm such a bad packer and forgot a lot of things; case in point, a  clutch. My arm was very sore this weekend.
 Blue Man Group show at the Venetian. Very entertaining but at times slow. I'm gonna stick to the cirque shows from now on.
 Hemline is still hanging on. I think this length is much more flattering.
 Emeril Lagasse's Delmonicos Steakhouse

 Appetizer: BBQ shirmp in a duck confit
 Spinach and ridicchio salad w/ goat cheese
 I love this chandelier.
 watching people play poker.

(F21 beret, dress, rhinestone tights, wedges, earrings and necklace, vintage rabbit fur hooded coat)
I had this coat since I was about 8, mom gave it to me, but I never wore it until now. good thing she kept it for me! I love the toggle buttons.
 love these tights
 thrifted bracelets and watch taken from mom
 F21 rhinestone bracelet, Hermes bracelet

 4 hours sleep= coffee please!

 Rainbow! my camera kept focusing on the defroster lines in my windshield!
 baby lion cubs~
 American Retro studded gloves

 Poor hello kitties stuck in here forever. Bf tried to rescue one many times but they were too packed in :(

 cute coca cola furniture

 immitating my 3 year-old self. LOL
 baby, its cold outside...and windy

 Serendipity! This place is so cute, look at the milkshake shaped bush and the pink reindeers!

 Frozen hot chocolate for 2

 cheesecake: too pretty to eat

 I'm not a gambler at all, in fact I would rather shop with the money spent on gambling. But when I walked by this machine I just had to try it! Sex and the city slot machine~ so genius

 Trying to figure out how to play.
When in doubt, "max bet"
 The bonus games were so cute.

 bye bye vegas. But before we leave, one last stop.

So tired and delirious, but had a much needed weekend getaway! Although it was short, I had a blast!


  1. in & out!yum!!...
    i see yr making good use of yr new camera:)

  2. yeaaaa in n out is always yummy!

    yup I love my new cameraaaaaaaa ^_^

  3. Everything kind of looks heavenly in this post... Hermes, Hello Kitty, Diet Coke, and In -N- Out!

    XO, Liza and Jewls


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