Saturday, December 11, 2010

whats in my tummy

WAKO- Chicken Kasu. I absolutely love this place. I always get the chicken kasu which is super juicy and much better than the don kasu (pork) that I used to get. Portions are huge, I never finish mine and always have leftovers. The kasu sauce is super amazing too and you get to grind your own roasted sesame seeds before they pour the sauce in the bowl! 

2904 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles
3377 Wilshire Blvd # 112, Los Angeles

KING OF NEW YORK PIZZA. New york style pizza. Sausage and jalapeno, pepperoni, tomato and mushrooms. I love pizza. With a lot of garlic powder and crushed red pepper.

KONY Pizzeria
301 S Western Ave, Ste 104
Los Angeles
STARBUCKS- Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream. I usually don't go to Starbucks, I love Coffee Bean. But this drink is pretty delicious. The hint of salt brings out the flavors of the caramel and choco. Yummy.

 TOE BANG- Omurice (omelet + rice) Seasoned, fried rice wrapped in a cute little omelet. Whenever I come to Toe Bang for lunch I get this dish. Its one of my favorite korean comfort foods, reminds me of my childhood. And I can never have enough ketchup~ The servings here are huge, 2 people can eat this and be really full!

Chapman Plaza
3465 W 6th St

Los Angeles, CA 90020  

 SALAD FARM- Chinese Chicken Salad. It was my second time here. The Chinese Chicken Salad was surprisingly good, very refreshing. And prices are very cheap. I love Salad. The only bad thing is that they take forever and a day to make the salad. As you can tell from the pic above I look really irritated and annoyed. haha.

Salad Farm
635 Hobart Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90005

 LA PARILLA. This place is super adorable and very authentic ( I think). As you know, I can eat mexican food at all times because I love it. I fell in love with the kitsch-y jam-packed decor, from the streamers, balloons, and lights hanging from the ceiling to the spoons and guacamole painted on the walls! We got a pitcher of their sangria which was fruity and delicious and came with cute little jar cups. Hand made guacamole, ceviche, filete de pescado - veracruzano style!, and seafood enchiladas. We ate like pescatarians. OMG the fish dish is amazing. It comes with capers and olives which I LOVE. Totally recommend this place for a date or girls night out!

La Parilla Restaurant
2126 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles


  1. omg looks delish hun! what are u mortar and pestling? i wanna try! haha

  2. haha its the roasted sesame seeds~~! yummm and then after you're done, they pour the sauce in! we should go, its delish~


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