Friday, December 31, 2010

my neck of the woods

 (f21 chain fedora, rings, jacket, and glasses, twelve by twelve sweater leggings, charlotte russe boots, T by alexander wang sheer tank, velvet tee, ferragamo bag)

I went to a park near my house the other day. No one was there besides 2 lovebirds who were making out on the benches. hehe. I'm trying to be less lazy and utilize all by bags and clothes, because otherwise they just sit in my closet/ racks and never see the light of day. I got this bag for Christmas last year and have worn it like once. The sheer tank I also bought last year and wore for the first time! I'm loving my new jacket from F21, with its faux suede finish and cascading ruffle front collar, so soft and warm.
 Since the weather has suddenly become so chilly, theres nothing better than having this spicy seafood/pork/ noodle concoction. Jjambbong: a classic Korean/ Chinese dish, this seafood base soup is spicy and delish and will certainly warm you right up. It contains pork, squid, carrots, pumpkin, onions, black mushrooms, and noodles! I'm usually very wary of restaurants inside of markets, but this place is pretty legit.
 Tang Su Yook- crispy fried pork with sweet and sour sauce. yummy~
Hong Kong Ban Jum inside of Ka ju Market- Koreatown.


  1. I love your knitted leggings!SO CUTE!! Thank you you so much for the comment!!


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